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Tha Vor

Tha Vor was born in Kingston Jamaica. It is from this rich culture that he draws upon in every song to give edutainment at its best. He considers his music to be a mission. It is a mission to make sure voices of his mentors such as Nas, 2pac, KRS one, Rakim, Kane, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Garnett Silk, Burning Spear, Capleton, Buju Banton, Midnite, Sizzla and other positive influences never fade in the background.

Tha Vor has taken a conscious yet militant stance. He speaks on the realities of life, his experiences and all that his studies have taught him. It is from these various sources that enable him to stand out in a class of his own within the music known as Hip Hop. In his music, you will no doubt find a message, one that will make you think. It is a message given with such a lyrical flow and such powerful content that long after the song is over the words and the music will continue to echo in your mind. His music addresses everyday life experiences and the importance of a relationship with the creator within this time. His flow is genuine, authentic and creative and is sure to win over the hearts of many at home and abroad. No doubt, you will not find an artist like Tha Vor anywhere in the world because Tha Vor is in a class of his own. His music can be recommended to any music lover for his music will stand the test of time.

Tha Vor has been residing in the city of Toronto for most of his life ever since he left Jamaica at the tender age of seven. Nevertheless, he has not forgotten his rich roots and uses this source with aspects of his life experiences in Toronto to create a fusion of music. Tha Vor has performed at culture shows, summer festivals, Club 400, Rivoli, Trilogy Nite Club, Lambadina, Poor Alex Theatre, Comfort Zone, and at Static Night Club.  More recently at the Miss Jamaica 2012 Fundraiser and opening for Onyx. Over the last couple of months Tha Vor has gone through an even bigger growth spurt as he has crossed international boundaries in Jamaica with a remix on reggae superstar Mavado Sneak Peak Riddim alongside Beenie man, Sean Paul and Elephant Man in late 2012.


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