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One of the most vocally talented artists you are likely to encounter today is Macini, born Kevin Edwards, the youngest of seven brothers who, like Joseph of the Old Testament, deserves a coat of many colours to match his style! Acquiring the name ‘Macini’ due to his impeccable collection of Italian wear, Macini is comfortable projecting his personal image in the streets of his home town Mandeville (Manchester, Jamaica) – and worldwide. Musical Background and influences: Music featured heavily throughout Macini’s life and was an important part of his childhood, growing up singing. Around the age of thirteen Macini became aware that he was talented and following traditional musical roots, began singing at his Revivalist church where he was able to express himself through Gospel music. Later Macini contributed to worship services, playing his guitar (aged sixteen.)
Macini’s realised his ability to write songs from quite a young age, fifteen; recently putting together a catalogue of over 35 excellent songs. Naturally Macini was influenced by Jamaica’s best and speaks of artists such as the late, great Sanchez, veteran Reggae artist Beres Hammond and contemporary Dancehall artist Bounty Killer. It was Macini’s love of Reggae music which led him to explore Dancehall, Reggae and Lover’s Rock, making these his own personal genres.
Career Moves: London became home to Macini in 2001, his musical life taking a serious turn in 2010 when he emerged as a genuine contender in the dancehall arena; an artist with multiple talents. During his few years in music Macini has worked with several producers – Category 5 Jamaica, Jerrymuzik, Frenz 4real production, Standfirm Records, Pureandnatural and most recently Agent Grungstar.
To date, Macini has tended to record as a solo artist however he collaborated with Junior P on a great party song called, ‘‘Grey Goose Buss ina mi head’ produced by Category 5 Jamaica (2013,) and in February 2014 with a group of six artists known as Project XXX (Triple X) to record a video, ‘Lap Dance.’ One of the reasons Macini records successfully as a solo artist is his extraordinary ability to sound like two different artists- singer and rapper, often on the same track. This talent has fooled many people in the industry! First EP: Macini will be releasing his first promotional EP this year under the direction of Badda Links, Grungstar Studio’s and Promotions.

The following four songs will be featured: 1. ‘Dem don’t know di link’… in March 2014. 3. ‘Bad mind people’ (Category 5 Jamaica, 2013.) This particular Reggae song captured Badda Link’s attention and inspired him to work with Macini. 4. ‘She tell mi dat she love mi;’ a popular Reggae song produced in 2013 by Jerrymuzik. Prior to the release of his debut EP, Macini has already been interviewed on internet radio stations including Music Radiofm, VRL radio and, with his popularity growing, is being requested to appear at an increasing number of live shows including: Fire Friday’s (North London,) the Dandda promotional show with Fire Rankin (New port, Wales) and Reggae Showcase; hosted by award winning artist Savana. Cassandra London has invited Macini to sing at the renowned Hootananny, Brixton during her debut EP launch August 2014. Aspirations!! Macini’s musical inspiration extends beyond the boundaries of traditional and modern Jamaican music.

Aspiring to popular artists Shaggy and Sean Paul, Macini’s love of popular music is calling him towards the R&B market. Macini voices political ideals and creates songs based around the feelings we all relate to, specifically love, which he expresses through song. With such a wealth of talent and determination there is every reason to believe that Macini will attain the heights he is striving to achieve. Macini has a determined and straightforward attitude to life and music embraced in his own personal catchphrase, ‘DO IT ONE TIME.’ Macini believes in getting everything right first time and without doubt is set to make his mark in the commercial world. Macini’s debut single released 2010, produced by Hipaside Records. A Dancehall song which speaks about keeping friendships. This song received extensive airplay both in Jamaica and on community internet stations that feature songs with an urban flavour in the UK. 2. ‘Hold mi Squeeze mi’ A Reggae song produced by Category 5 Jamaica, released with a video

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