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Dan Giovanni

Versatility, creativity, modern vocal sound fused with old school style, studio engineer, producer and recording artist Royell Walker  pka Dan Giovanni is one of reggae’s brightest rising artist.

Resident of the sunshine city Port more, Royell has always had great desires to become a professional musician.  He displayed these attributes from early days in High School. Dan has gone through a musical transition from being a rapper, dancehall artist and now a positive cultural messenger which he associates with humble up bringing with love being the center point of his family. As he matured he listened to a more positive choice of the music which captivated him yet still he struggled to be different as all his brethrens were all dancehall artist.

July 2013 saw Dan Giovanni making a total commitment to honor and follow his calling to be a leader and a positive example for friends and brethrens in and around his community. He is a great fan of the Old School and the new generation of Rastafarian revolutionary music. Jason Grant President/Manager of Humble Warrias Entertainment is responsible for molding and directing Dan Giovanni’s  musical career and it has been a fruitful gesture, “we did a promo reggae album entitled “ITERNAL KNOWLEDGE” which was released in 2013 and is doing exceptionally well all over Europe” it was chosen and nominated by Reggae Ville Magazine as one of the best albums for 2013.I see this as a great achievement for Dan, he is extremely talented and hardworking, we have already written about 178 songs of which 13 will be chosen for  Dan’s official Roots album slated for release in 2015, we also have enough tracks to complete 6 solid albums, said manager Jason.

Now a Conscious Roots Reggae artist Dan Giovanni is rapidly developing his craft which is now his everyday life.

Since the release of his promo album “ITERNAL KNOWLEDGE”  November 2013, Dan has gone deeper in the teachings, understandings of his Rastafarian life and black culture, he has grown spiritually and is more vigilant, Informed, organized and has now  identified his true purpose, which is to be the “Black Warrior/ Black “ for the less fortunate and have not.

Dan laments, argues and expresses his concern and disappointment about the treatment of low class or poor people worldwide by those who are set in government offices and places of leadership,

It’s evident that Corruption ,Money and religion are use by those with power to keep the people separated and enslaved physically, emotionally and mentally ,but through my musical contribution I and I intend to open closed eyes and revolutionized the world giving strength and hope to the weak .

Dan Giovanni is and his Humble Warrias Entertainment Team is currently in studios working on his official debut roots reggae album slated for release later this year.

Here is are new song releases from DAN GIOVANNI entitled “JAH WATCH OVER ME

NEW BONUS TRACK  (HUMAN ABDUCTION) bring back our girls”



          Jason Grant                                                                                                  

              Humble Warrias Entertainment



              Skype: jasogran1




           Skype: jasogran1



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